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How We Helped Advantage U.S. Vets

Advantage U.S. Vets trains and hires unemployed and under-employed veterans in agribusiness. Their vision is to provide a workspace for U.S. Veterans transitioning from a military society to a civilian one.

Advantage U.S. Vets Homepage

The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead training program offers a 40-hour workweek, within triads, that rotate through varying hands-on training experiences. The Farmstead hires honorably discharged U.S. military veterans of all services, stripes, and ranks.

A Platform To Raise Money & Make An Investment

Advantage U.S. Vets was looking to improve their image to solicit donations and investors to make The Roots & Sprouts Farmstead a reality.

Roots & Sprouts Farmstead About Page

What Advantage U.S. Vets needed as to replace an outdated logo, get a mobile-friendly website, and use professional email to attract investors.

How NRS Virtual Services Helped

NRS Virtual Services helped by quickly establishing a robust and affordable website on the Weebly platform. Professional email was established using Google Workspace which also gave A.U.V. 30 GB of cloud document storage.

Advantage U.S. Vets Website Mockup

Additionally, within a few weeks of project start, A.U.V. had a new and impressive logo to showcase on their website and business materials.

Projects Completed

  • New Website

  • New Logo

  • Professional Email


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