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How We Helped Scott's Auto Center

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Scott's Auto Center is a locally owned and operated used car dealership that was established in 2002 in Potsdam, NY.

Scott's Auto has acquired a reputation for selling quality pre-owned vehicles with excellent customer service and honesty both at the dealership and in the service department.

Helping Locals Discover Scott's Auto Center

Even though Scott's Auto Center has been in business for over 20 years, they wanted to reach out to locals and incoming college students who may not know about the dealership.

What Scott's Auto Center needed was an affordable way to get in front of and advertise to potential customers in the area and who were searching for used vehicles.

How NRS Virtual Services Helped

NRS Virtual Services implemented a two-faceted approach using Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Facebook Ads allowed Scott's Auto Center to implement a Brand Awareness campaign getting in front of local customers most likely to remember their ads. Google Ads allowed Scott's Auto Center to capitalize on local searches like "used cars near me" and "dealerships near me."

Additionally, NRS Virtual Services setup real-time performance reporting to not only track digital advertising, but website, social media, and Google listing performance.

Completed Projects

  • Instagram Business Account Setup & Facebook Ad Integration

  • Google My Business Updates

  • Website Landing Pages

Ongoing Projects

  • Digital Advertising

  • Performance Reporting


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