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How We Helped Snipe Clan Botanicals

Snipe Clan Botanicals offers plant-based beauty and health products, hands-on educational workshops, and medicine walks.

Snipe Clan Botanicals Website Home Page

Sateiokwen Bucktooth, founder and owner of Snipe Clan Botanicals, is from the Kanien’keháka Territory of Ahkwesáhsne (also known as Akwesasne). She started her business in 2018 after completing a four-year apprenticeship through the Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Program.

About Snipe Clan Botanicals
Snipe Clan Botanicals Products

A New Website That Makes It Easier To Sell Online

Snipe Clan Botanicals had a website but it wasn't functioning properly and was a nightmare to manage when it came to making updates and adding new products. They were looking for a better way to showcase their offerings and fulfill customer orders.

What Snipe Clan Botanicals needed was a new website on a more user-friendly platform and an order management system that allowed customers to easily place orders online with confidence.

Snipe Clan Botanicals Website Mockups

How NRS Virtual Services Helped

The primary implemented solution was a robust Wix Premium Business Unlimited account. Not only was this a great platform for designing Snipe Clan Botanical's new website, but it also allowed the owner to easily add and remove products when they became available or were out of stock.

Additionally, the solution streamlined the order process and significantly reduced the time spent fulfilling orders.

Completed Projects

  • New Website

  • Payment Processing

  • Order Management


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