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How We Helped TrainerDoc

TrainerDoc is the maker of the Perfect Kick Trainer, one of the strongest and most durable sport kick trainers on the market.

With the Perfect Kick Trainer, you can build confidence and improve skills by getting thousands of repetitions, without chasing the ball!

Making It Easy To Sell Online & In-Person

Creator of The Perfect Kick Trainer, Dr. John Duffy, was looking for a way to start selling his popular product online and in-person without having to carry cash around all the time.

TrainerDoc Cart

What TrainerDoc needed was an updated website, inventory management system, and point-of-sale system to better organize the sales process.

How NRS Virtual Services Helped

NRS Virtual Services replaced an outdated website with a robust eCommerce solution on the Shopify platform. This solution allowed for integrated inventory management and a free card reader that allowed for cashless sales using a mobile phone.

Additionally, Amazon and eBay sales channels were connected to the Shopify solution to instantly increase customer reach.

Projects Completed

  • New eCommerce Website

  • Point-Of-Sale System

  • Professional Email

  • Sales Channel Integration

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Photo & Video Editing

  • Google Analytics Integration


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