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How We Helped W.B. Goodnow Agency

W.B. Goodnow Agency is an independent insurance agency with a wide variety of insurance carriers for home, auto, renters, and small business insurance.

W.B. Goodnow Agency Homepage

The W.B. Goodnow Agency was founded in 1930 by Warren B. Goodnow. Today, and four generations later, the Goodnow family and owner Mark Goodnow, is still serving North Country customers at his location in Winthrop, NY.

W.B. Goodnow Agency About Page

Updated Website and Professional Email

W.B. Goodnow Agency had recently taken updated professional photographs and was looking for an improved email solution that would integrate better with their insurance management system.

What W.B. Goodnow Agency needed was someone familiar with their website management system and to migrate from a dated IMAP email system to a robust and professional one.

W.B. Goodnow Agency Website Mockup

How NRS Virtual Services Helped

NRS Virtual Services was first able to help update W.B. Goodnow Agency's website using Wix Website Builder then migrated their email system to Microsoft 365 which integrated seamlessly with their insurance management system.

Additionally, NRS Virtual Services ensured their website was mobile-friendly and fast, while providing the W.B. Goodnow team with access to collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and always up-to-date Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.

Completed Projects

  • Updated Website

  • Professional Email Migration Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft 365 Implementation

Ongoing Projects

  • Digital Advertising

  • Website Maintenance

  • Performance Reporting


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