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How We Helped Waterloo Chiropractic

Waterloo Chiropractic and Dr. Frank Catalano were looking for a website upgrade and a better booking system for their popular HydroMassage service.

Waterloo Chiropractic Home Page

A New Website & Simple Booking System For Patients

Waterloo Chiropractic had an outdated website and a third-party booking system that displayed very poorly on mobile devices.

Waterloo Chiropractic Home Page

What Waterloo Chiropractic needed was a new website on a platform that could easily be updated and managed by Dr. Frank Catalano.

Dr. Frank Catalano Jr. of Waterloo Chiropractic

How NRS Virtual Services Helped

The primary implemented website solution was built on the Wix website hosting platform. This platform was an excellent solution for the new fast and user-friendly website at a very affordable price.

Waterloo Chiropractic HydroMassage Picture
Waterloo Chiropractic Booking System

Additionally, the new solution allowed Waterloo Chiropractic to get rid of the clunky, third-party booking service and utilize a sleek and streamlined booking service within the Wix solution. This allowed patients to stay on the new secure Waterloo Chiropractic website - features also included email and text reminders for booked services.

Waterloo Chiropractic Home Page Mobile View

Completed Projects

  • New Website

  • New Patient Booking System


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