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How NRS Helped Hamilton Dental

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Hamilton Dental and Dr. Scot Ioset were looking for a website upgrade for their dental practice in Hamilton, NY.

Hamilton Dental Website Homepage Screenshot

A New Website For Their Dental Practice

Hamilton Dental had an outdated website that also displayed poorly on mobile devices.

What Hamilton Dental needed was a new website on a robust platform that would allow their patients to easily find the information they were looking for.

Website Screenshot of Dental Services at Hamilton Dental

How NRS Virtual Services Helped Hamilton Dental

The primary implemented solution was built on the Wix website hosting platform. This platform was a robust and secure solution that allowed for the creation of a new, fast, and user-friendly website at an affordable price.

Website screenshot of testimonials at Hamilton Dental

Patients of Hamilton Dental could now easily find practice information such as patient forms, dental brochures, practice policies, bill pay links, and more.

website mockups of Hamilton Dental

Completed Projects

  • New Website

  • Updated Dental Guides

  • Website SEO Improvements


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