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NRS Helps CPH Guild

The Canton-Potsdam Hospital Guild was looking to clean up their existing website and begin promoting their fundraisers online.

Canton-Potsdam Hospital Guild Home Page Website Screenshot

Allowing Members to Join the CPH Guild Online

NRS set up a member section with the ability for new members to join the CPH Guild online. This ability helps put the opportunity to join The Guild in front of a much larger audience and saves administrative time and tasks for current volunteers.

Website screenshot to join the CPH Guild

website screenshot of how to volunteer with CPH Guild

Online Event Registration & Promotion

NRS set up a new event and blog section allowing The Guild to promote their fundraiser events online and allow patrons to sign up and register online. Donations can now be accepted electronically and registrant information is kept neatly in one place making it easier to communicate and market to their audience.

website screenshot of CPH Guild events page

Pay Links to Make Donations

NRS helped establish pay links that The Guild could share during fundraising campaigns. These pay links are reusable and allow donors that may not join The Guild to volunteer such as businesses and corporations to still contribute to their cause.

website screenshot of CPH Guild pay links to donate
website mockup of CPH Guild

Completed Projects

  • Website clean-up

  • New member section

  • Ability to join online

  • New Events page and online event registration

  • New email marketing campaign system

  • Consolidation of patron and member contact info

  • New Pay Links for donations


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