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NRS Helps Martin Solutions With 2 New Websites

Martin Solutions was looking for a new platform to update their existing site, Martin Aerotech, and create a new site, Martin Diagnostics.

NRS Virtual Services re-built Martin Aerotech and created Martin Diagnostics on the Wix platform. Both websites are available in 3 languages (English, French, and Spanish) and have a number of great features for customers, including chat and member area for sharing sensitive information.

Check out some of the design images below or head over to Martin Aerotech and Martin Diagnostics sites to see them live!

Martin Aerotech Website Screenshots

Martin Aerotech website screenshot 1

Martin Aerotech website screenshot 2

Martin Aerotech website mobile screenshot 1

Martin Diagnostics Website Screenshots

Martin Diagnostics website screenshot 1

Martin Diagnostics website screenshot 2

Martin Diagnostics website screenshot 3

Martin Diagnostics website screenshot 4

Martin Diagnostics website mobile screenshot 1


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